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Sofiya Ballin

Sofiya Abena Ballin ​is an award winning

journalist, writer



Journalist • writer • CREATIVE ​curator • FILMMAKER • producer ​ADVOCATE • writer

Sofiya, Age 3, Jamaica

Acclaimed Caribbean-American filmmaker,

Sofiya Ballin is the creator of Black History Untold; an identity series that shares untold Black history through powerful and personal interviews.

Featuring diverse perspectives from across the diaspora, it's a carefully written love letter to

Black people everywhere.

Sofiya spent her early career years in a Philadelphian newsroom covering arts and culture before making the bold move to become an independent creative. Since then, Black History Untold has grown into an award-winning multimedia series.

Inspired by her heritage, fueled by passion and guided by intention, Sofiya has become a testament to the power of Black media makers taking control of their narratives.


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Black History Untold: Revolution

Through captivating interviews, ​we’re shown where Black Revolution ​manifests across the world, and ​learn some of the countless ways ​the African diaspora has resisted ​oppression over the centuries. It’s

a profound reminder to look to the ​past for the tools to create a more ​just future.

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Photo: Emmanuel Afolabi

Photo: Emmanuel Afolabi

Black History Untold: ​Love

In this installment of BHU, Black couples ​tell Black love stories from history while ​also recounting their own personal tales.

We explore the softness, warmth, and ​strength that Black love has carried ​since the dawn of time.

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Aint I A Womyn?

A powerful homage to Black ​women, Kai Davis' poem ‘Ain’t I A ​Woman’ was inspired by ​Sojourner Truth's 1851 speech of ​the same name. It speaks to the ​duality of a Black woman's ​identity and the many challenges, ​struggles, and beauties they ​experience. Sofiya’s piece was ​created to bring the spirit of these ​words to life in visuals.

Directed by Sofiya Ballin and

Jasmine Lynea.

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Susan Oludele

In partnership with the Brooklyn Nets, ​Ballin produced a series of interviews ​with New Yorkers, celebrating the facets ​of Black history that have influenced ​them most.

In this interview, Susan Oludele reveals ​how the origins of African hair braiding ​inspires her art.

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Dr. Nadia Lopez

As part of Ballin’s series with the ​Brooklyn Nets, we meet Dr. Nadia ​Lopez, founder of Mott Hall ​Bridges Academy, who shares ​why she chose to lead her school ​with purpose and empowerment.

Directed by Joshua Kissi. Video: ​Emmanuel Afolabi.

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Photo: Joshua Kissi



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"All my life, I’ve learned that there were stories untold and that not every legend was etched into stone. My goal is to tell their stories while writing my own."

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